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If we aren't mounting your trophy,

you must have missed!

Hello Hunters, thank you for taking a look around. I have been busy all fall guiding in Colorado for elk and mule deer. It was a successful fall with huge bull elk and some really nice mule deer killed. The Texas hunting seasons have been good to us also, we have taken in some really nice whitetail deer and exotics.  Now that the fall hunting season is close to the end and Christmas is upon us, the new year is right around the corner.

The show season is back around after the new year. To start off we will be at the Dallas Safari Club show from January the 5th through the 8th for starters. then off to Vegas for the SCI show. If you have never made it out to one of these great show you should make it a point to attend at least one day. The DSC puts on a huge show with hunts form all over and more. If you are looking to book a new adventure you are missing out! If you are looking for a great Colorado elk hunt free range and or high fence give us a call or stop by the North Rim Trophy Hunts booth. We have some mule deer spots open also. You can go far and wide looking for a quality mule deer hunt for the price we offer them at. Also we have some great contacts on whitetail deer hunts in the hill country, free range and high fence available along with some exotics. Good luck to you on the rest of the hunting season and if you need any Taxidermy work done please give me a call.



Until next time - safe hunting!


If we arent mounting your trophy, you must have missed!!

Welcome to Trophy Taxidermy. Thank you for stopping in. I encourage you to take a look around the site and stay for a while. I have been a wildlife artist for many years. It all started back in the later years of high school. I am an avid hunter and fisherman and love to mount my own trophies. I am proud to say I am self taught and learned most everything I know on trial and error. Oh I have talked with some of the best artist in the world asking about different and better ways to do some things, however, with that being said I have built a very respected business in the taxidermy world.

I attend and have displayed at various shows and conventions. I am a proud life member of the Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International, along with several other associations. I have and still do work for some of the board of directers of some of these clubs. I have been blessed to make friends and clients with outfitters all over the world.  I am very fortunante to be where I am today, thanks to all of my clients and friends. 

If you get the chance to stop in my shop please do so.  You will not see ribbons hanging on the walls, but you will see a great display of beautifully mounted trophies from different parts of the world. Everything from bears to giraffe. I can take you to several trophy rooms that I have helped build. These trophy rooms display mountains to other habitats that suit the need to properly show off your trophies.

Today's taxidermy materials have come a long way compared to when I started years ago. I use the best that money can buy, the best tannery's and I make sure when your trophy leaves my shop it will be a treasure for you to enjoy for a life time.

I will be glad to help you in anyway, please give me a call!


Thanks for stopping by!


Terry Hillger




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