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 Turkey season opens Next Saturday!.

A little tip for you turkey hunters, I have found works really well for me in windy conditions, or if you get a bird hung up and will not come in.

Keep moving! in heavy or steady winds. Sure you take a chance on getting busted and you will. It is well worth the work and the chance. Early season when the gobblers pair up fairly quick making it hard if not impossible to call them in moving makes it some what easier. You are making the old gobbler think you are a hot  and willing hen. Allot of time when the turkey does not want to come to you you have to go to them as long as they are talking. Lisiten and locate the bird or birds and make a half circle around them and close the distance with each set up. This will make it seem that the hen is coming to them which is what is suppose to happen. If you work the complete semi circle around them and still havent see the bird then start back again closing the distance even more. You have to be in stealth mode when you do this and keep your eyes and ears open in the direction of the gobbler. I can't stress enough, slow and steady calling softly while on the move. This will put the gobble at ease and chances are he will be strutting anyway. When done right the Gobbler will finally give in to his excitement and walk right in on you close. So be ready when you set up each time so he wont catch you strutting and you will have a sucsessful and rewarding hunt. Try this and let me know how it work's. If you decide to have your bird mounted remember do not dress the bird, place it in cold strage and keep it as dry and cold as you can. if I can help with your taxidermy needs give me a call!  Good luck and safe hunting!



Welcome to Trophy Taxidermy. Thank you for stopping in. I encourage you to take a look around the site and stay for a while. I have been a wildlife artist for many years. It all started back in the later years of high school. I am an avid hunter and fisherman and love to mount my own trophies. I am proud to say I am self taught and learned most everything I know on trial and error. Oh I have talked with some of the best artist in the world asking about different and better ways to do some things, however, with that being said I have built a very respected business in the taxidermy world.

I attend and have displayed at various shows and conventions. I am a proud life member of the Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International, along with several other associations. I have and still do work for some of the board of directers of some of these clubs. I have been blessed to make friends and clients with outfitters all over the world.  I am very fortunante to be where I am today, thanks to all of my clients and friends. 

If you get the chance to stop in my shop please do so.  You will not see ribbons hanging on the walls, but you will see a great display of beautifully mounted trophies from different parts of the world. Everything from bears to giraffe. I can take you to several trophy rooms that I have helped build. These trophy rooms display mountains to other habitats that suit the need to properly show off your trophies.

Today's taxidermy materials have come a long way compared to when I started years ago. I use the best that money can buy, the best tannery's and I make sure when your trophy leaves my shop it will be a treasure for you to enjoy for a life time.

I will be glad to help you in anyway, please give me a call!


Thanks for stopping by!


Terry Hillger




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